About David Kellas

Welcome to my website. This blog is targeted at newer webmasters, people such as yourself who are learning how to make money online for the first time. As you read through my posts you will notice your experience will be improved in terms of learning how to make money online.

In-time you will feel confident enough to venture out and start making money online. Just as I have been doing for the past 20+ years of my life. Welcome to the future my friend!

My Story – About My Financial Success.

I started out as a young fifteen-year old child back in 1995. Back in the day when Yahoo was the world’s #1 search engine. Since I was fifteen I was heavily in to online video gaming and my first game purchase was “Red Alert 95” which was a “real-time strategy” war gaming simulation. I quickly rose up the rankings to become one of the world’s best cnc (Command and Conquer) video gamers. I was actually ranked #1 for ten years straight thereafter.

During my time as a professional video gamer. I made friends with some really cool and nice people. One of these people was nick-named “ToughBoys”. Toughboys was a professional internet webmaster “way-back” in 1995, he owned his own video game sales store in California, USA.

Toughboys used “Red Alert 95” to become a professional video gamer and then promote his online store website to sell video games to the “Red Alert 95” community.

I personally started up an elite gaming clan called “ELITE REBEL FORCES” back in 1996 and it grew to over 30,000 members strong. Toughboys would advertise his gaming store to them and make profits from my clan that I was the leader of.

One day I asked Toughboys why he was advertising the gaming website to my clan as I did not know it was his storefront and I did not know he was making money (essentially) “off my back”.

Toughboys admitted it was his storefront and declined to give me any compensation so I ended up closing down the “ELITE REBEL FORCES” to avoid him profiting from my success.

Later on in my video gaming career I met a few other gamers that where professional webmasters and programmers and hackers. Most notably was the gamer nick-named “Blueiii”. His other alias was “Spyder”. This gamer grew to become my good friend over the course of fifteen years of interaction.

Blueiii was a professional hacker, he was a professional webmaster who made MILLIONS of dollars online way back in the late 1990s.

Blueiii ended up “caving in” and taught me his craft. First I learnt “HACKING“, next I learnt coding and programming (to create or edit video games I purchased) this was FUN!

Lastly and most importantly, Blueiii taught me how to make money online. He taught me how to host and develop websites. He taught me how to market these websites to the search engines (for free back then). He taught me how to optimize my websites to get ranked higher than the competition in the search engines and lastly he made me feel “HUMAN” again.

“What is human you ask?.. It is the ability to do as you please while feeling alive, vibrant and cheerful because you have enough income to lead a meaningful and worthwhile lifestyle” (quote me).

Later on in my webmaster career I have met several other professional webmasters who also share a passion for video gaming. Since we all have something in common, we all keep in touch and the community “just works”.

Over the past 20+ years of my professional webmaster and website development and marketing career I have learnt hundreds of down right dirty, yet legal methods to squeeze the internet for HUGE influxes of traffic (human visitors to my websites).

I have also learnt that owning a website is in effect positioning yourself as an authority on that particular niche. With website visitors regularly asking me or my support staff for information on their particular issue/s.

Owning a website is not just a revenue source, it forms in to an immense passion to “do good for human-kind”. It saturates you in love and respect for man-kind. It makes you a much better person from the interaction you receive and attention you receive on a daily basis from your website visitors.

Owning a website is really something special. Especially once it starts to get busy and you start earning some good income. Probably the most lucrative industry I have ever been associated with is that of owning a website, promoting that website and earning huge revenue with that website.

I have personally delved in to most “make money online” activities including social media, search engine optimization, generating organic traffic, generating paid traffic, affiliation and selling affiliate products, freelance work (working for people who require online based services) and lastly (when I first started out) I purchased THOUSANDS of dollars worth of training courses and paid softwares to help me make more money online.

Later on I found that these so called “miracle softwares” either failed to work or had a “time limit” on them until they ceased to be of any financial relevance. I quickly learnt to stay away from so-called “paid softwares” that enhanced my money making ability and gravitated toward creating websites with “worthwhile” freshly created organic content. My aim was to get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing in high positions for high traffic or high cost per click (cpc) keywords.

Once I stopped wasting time on stupid paid software scams and continued posting quality, relevant and engaging content on my websites on a daily basis. I noticed my website pages shoot up the ranking and start earning me some really good cold hard cash.

Obviously there is one hundred MILLION ways to monetize a website. But I generally stick to “business service” based websites and try to get customers to call “service hot lines” on my websites to convert them in to business that I get paid for. I find this is one of the most lucrative niches online. The “Business service” niche.

Additionally, I run “affiliate product” websites that I convert website visitors in to “purchasers of products”.

If you are interested in learning how to generate traffic to your websites. Or perhaps you are brand new to the internet and want to know how to create your first website. Then you should keep reading below.



I want to help you make money online because I plan on referring you to some of my websites riddled throughout this blog. These websites either ask you for 5% of your profits or they provide you with quality video training courses in exchange for premium memberships and so on.

I therefore profit out of your success. Whenever you join one of my affiliated partners or one of my own websites you are assisting me in generating revenue for myself.

This is why I am willing to provide you with some of the best training online in the field of “learning how to make money on the internet”.

I help you by referring you to the BEST resources for learning how to make money online. You then study this training and become a professional webmaster. You then generate huge amounts of income. In exchange (as i previously already stated) I receive either 5% of your earnings or you pay for premium memberships at my affiliate partners websites that I receive a “cut” of.

In a nut shell, the process is very simple. “I teach you how to earn good money online and you repay the favor by sending me 5% or paying your way through the training”.

Both parties are compensated for their time and the whole process works out nicely for the both of us.



The purpose of this website is to hold your hand while you study how to make money online.

Once you have gained enough knowledge and are ready to commence making money online. I provide you with my discord server to “voice chat” with me 1 on 1 and from “then on” we develop in to a friendly business partnership of “like-minded” individuals and everyone lives happily ever after.

“Well that is the plan, but in my experience new webmasters will not follow my instructions exactly as detailed and normally stray off the path and delay their success by many months (if not years) because they THINK THEY KNOW BETTER“.

So my only request to you is that you realize that I am a 20+ year career professional webmaster and if I tell you something is going to work, that you follow it through and succeed with it.

DO NOT deviate from the plan, DO NOT pretend you are smarter than me and you “KNOW BETTER“.

(it is very RARE that I find someone genuinely smarter than me, it’s actually quite disappointing)

I guarantee you, it is NOT my first time around the “rodeo”. I have BEEN THERE, . I have DONE THAT and you won’t be the first person to surpass me. “All have failed in the past“.

I have 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE on you my friend. If you want that experience you’ll have to stick around and soak everything in.

If you want to succeed and earn “REAL” cash online (and not that “sugar cane” pop-corn crap you keep pretending you’re gonna make). Then stick with me and engage in my training program properly.

Read through all of my articles and blog posts on this website and I GUARANTEE you will SUCCEED if you TAKE ACTION and implement all of my training in the EXACT MANNER it is intended to be executed in.

My favourite quote (I created it):

WINNERS WIN and losers fail to TAKE ACTION, which do you want to be?”

So long as you are willing to put the hours in to learn how to make money online your success is pretty much GUARANTEED (if you stick with me).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

David Kellas