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About My Services

I offer several services for people wanting to learn how to generate income online.

Some of these services include:

  • Free Webmaster Training Forums, Click Here To Join.
  • Free Webmaster Training Videos, Bookmark This Page.
  • Free Webmaster Toolkit, Bookmark This Page.
  • I give you the ability to “Join Wealthy Affiliate” – The World’s #1 Professional Webmaster Training Program.
  • I have a discord voice chat channel “HERE” for users to interact with me.
  • You can download Discord “HERE” if you do not already have it installed.


Join Wealthy Affiliate
Fill out this information to join Wealthy Affiliate and make money online while engaging in professional webmaster video training courses that make you money.


And that’s about it really. The “Forums” are my main HUB for internet activity and where I release all of my new video training courses that MAKE YOU MONEY.

I would highly recommend you join my forums by registering in the top right corner of the website then logging in.

In the top left section of the website you will see a link that says “Ask AskiKa a Question” – That’s me.

You can feel free to ask me questions over at the forums to benefit the entire community or you can jump on discord and voice chat with me in-stead.

I am on discord from 9am to 9pm most days gmt+10 timezone.

Anyway, that’s it for now, happy hunting and I look forward to seeing you online in the near future.


David Kellas

Pictured below: “Dave & Yvette in St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia – By the Beach”.

David Kellas

My name is David Kellas. I have been a professional "money earning" webmaster for the last 20+ years. My speciality is making websites for business services and advertising those services to generate in-bound phone leads for clients. I make a lot of money on the internet and thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate" I am also a professional affiliate marketer with a premium membership. My hobbies include Martial Arts, Swimming, Mountain-Bike riding, Tennis and playing Games online. I am an avid "League Of Legends" gamer. I used to work as a chef and a TV Repair Technician and Tele-Marketer before quitting my day jobs and working full time online thanks to "Wealthy Affiliate". I am VERY pleased with my current lifestyle and hope it never fades away. With the help of "Wealthy Affiliate" my lifestyle is guaranteed to be one of "WORTH". Cheers.

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